Adhesives & Sealants Summit Expo 2023

Exhibitor Profile

  • Various adhesives and sealants: Water-based glue, UV Curing Adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive, polyurethane, hot melt, epoxy, silicone, rubber and engineering adhesives and sealants.
  • Chemicals and raw materials for adhesives and sealants: Resins, solvents, wax, monomers, and auxiliaries.
  • Machines for Adhesives Manufacturing and Application: Processing machines, cleaning/curing/kneading/plasma system, adhesive application equipment, storage equipment, measurement instruments and construction tools as well as techniques.
  • PSA and HMPSA series products: PSA product processing equipment, testing instrument, and raw materials for producing PSA product.
  • Packaging Area: Various raw materials, application techniques, machinery and equipment, containers and all kinds of products in packaging industry.
  • Environmental Protection & Related Services: Environment-friendly solutions, waste disposal services, adhesive testing and analytical services, consulting services, software systems, publications.

* This list is illustrative